Why Choose MCS?

Why Choose MCS

The trucking and transportation industries are changing more today than ever before in history. The reason that Motor Carrier Service embraces these changes is very simple.

Our customers hire us to do one job … deliver their freight on-time, every time. Period!

There are four major components that we work to improve every second of every day:

  • MCS Drivers
  • MCS Support Team
  • Technology
  • Equipment


MCS continuously works to implement programs to reward drivers for their performance. This includes a true open-door policy to discuss driver concerns, driver score cards, safety bonuses, performance bonuses and other ways to improve driver pay and working conditions.

The MCS Support Staff operate 24/7 to support our customers and drivers. Our technology department and support staff work hand-in-hand utilizing load tracking technology that allows us to forecast and correct any issues that could prevent an on-time delivery. This ensures the safety of customer freight and our drivers. MCS continues to be recognized for our successful safety programs which result positively on the entire organization and re-enforces why customers continue to trust us with their business.

The trucks and trailers used by MCS are new or late-model and are serviced in our state-of-the-art maintenance facility. Great equipment that is well-maintained, gives drivers the peace of mind that all they have to do is focus on the road and the successful completion of the load they are pulling. This results in safe, reliable delivery reports for customers/

Overall, if you are a customer looking to do business with a financially sound, very safe, service-oriented trucking company, then you should seriously consider Motor Carrier Service.